An extrovert dating an introvert

If you really want to get to know an introvert, send them an email.Introverts are bored by small talk, but love deep discussions. Thus, email trumps every other mode of communication for this personality type.They will be able to respond more thoughtfully after they recharge.If your partner is an introvert, then she probably won’t want to go to the bar after a busy day. Instead, ask her if she would be interested in going out on the weekend – or whenever she happens to be off.They mistakenly label these kids “shy” without truly understanding them.Treating them like a project will only make them feel inferior. If you abandon an introvert at a party, then they won’t be happy.

It is possible to enjoy the presence of another person without filling the air with meaningless words. Get in the car, turn on the radio, and enjoy the music.

If you take an introvert to a packed restaurant, then they could feel uncomfortable due to all that stimulation. Ask the host or hostess if a window seat is available.

Being away from the chaos will remove some pressure.

They might not feel comfortable at a big party, but they typically enjoy low-key gatherings that involve five or less people.

This gives introverts opportunity to have deep conversations and make new connections without draining their energy as much as a big party would.

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