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This news follows the continued excitement surrounding the Switch, which the company has pinned its hopes on.A recent report from The Wall Street Journal indicated Nintendo is fighting with other electronics makers, including Apple, for parts, as demand continues to stay strong after the March 3 launch of the Switch.All boxed games and games on Google Play and the App Store will have an age rating and should say if the game includes sex, horror, or violence.Games platforms like Steam don’t always have age ratings though.Some people like to watch other gamers playing on live-streaming sites. But it’s important to be careful about what you share online and keep yourself safe.Age ratings help make sure you can enjoy games without seeing things that might upset or disturb you.

Video game developer Capcom recently said it would be bringing "Monster Hunter XX" to the Switch.

Many games let you report people if they are upsetting you or making you feel uncomfortable.

You can also usually block or mute them so they can’t talk to you.

We can help you learn how to stay safe online when playing games. Some are simple games you can play on your own like the games on our website.

Others are multiplayer games with 2 or more people who you might not know.

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