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The purity of race (limpieza de sangre) was documented by testimonials demonstrating that the person was not a descendant of Moors, Jews, heretics, or penitenciados (persons punished by the Inquisition).

The register records the names of the persons paying the duties, the types of goods, and the amounts paid.

Collection contains papers relating to Peru, roughly falling into three groups centering around commerce and industry, literary activities, and religious and social history.

Includes papers (1786-1787) containing information on the mining of mercury; poems of Juan de Valle y Caviedes in 17th century script; poems by Antonio de Solís; one volume of Documentos históricos, collected by Manuel de Odriozola; three Documentos literarios from contemporary publications, among them a compilation of the papers of Peruvian viceroys and others (1580-1818); a paper relating to witchcraft and idolatry in Peru; papers (1772-1773) of the Provincial Council at Lima, containing the core of the debate within the Catholic Church on the modernization of learning which Charles III attempted to foist upon the empire; a copy of the proceso of Mariano Tupac Amaro; and material relating to politics and the industrial development of Peru and neighboring countries during the 19th century.

Diego de Samaniego (1542-1627) at the Santa Cruz de la Sierra mission (now in Bolivia).

The descriptions of many of the manuscripts have been enlarged, and, in some cases, author and title information has been changed or refined.

This Royal Cédula was published at Lima, Perú on May 13, 1789, by order of Viceroy De Croix.

The report is signed by Ignacio Landaruri and José Rodriguez.

Copies of these cards have been included in this guide in order to provide additional means of access to the contents of the collection.

Certain paragraphs of this manuscript describing the mountains and giving the distances between villages are quoted in Bernardino Izaguirre Ispizua, Lima, Perú, 1837.

Included in this small booklet are several poems and Spanish tranlations of well known religious hymns.

Researchers must register and agree to copyright and privacy laws before using this collection.

Barzana, because of his exemplary life as a missionary was known as the Apostle of Tucumán and Paraguay.

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