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iternational Listings exclusive of North America & Hawaii 1988 radio an The only publication listing licensed radio amateurs throughout the world, since 1920. THE PREMIER SERIES THE CLASSIC UNE fa The 3K Premier Console -- all the rugged reliability of the 3K Console plus QSK and the 1 60 meter band. TYansmit coverage from 10 to 160 meters, including WARC bands. Of course, the FT-757GX/11 offers the kinds of options you’d expect from Yaesu, too. in this issue 502,778 licensed Radio Amateurs 52.823 new licenses included, issued since the 1 987 edition r*~ 82,529 changes in listings Then & Now - Call letteftchanges 1 0 Meter Beacons Radio Amateur Prefixes of the World Table of Call Sign Allocations DXCC Countries List Standard Time Chart Census of’rtmhtfl&jr Radio Licenses of the World Census of Ama^jur Radio Licenses of the U S. AMPLIFIERS FOR THE DISCRIMINATING AMATEUR WHO REFUSES TO COMPROMISE . -£j-The 3KD Premier Desk Model — the same RF deck in a smaller and lighter configuration. Including standard and heavy- duty power supplies, auto- matic antenna tuner, and more. VO (See VE) VP2E Anguilla VP2M Montserrat VP2V British Virgin Is. Baiboda V3 Belize V4 St Kitts and Nevis V8 Brunei W (See K) XE, XF Mexico XF4 Revllla XP (See OX) XT Burkina -Faso XU Cambodia xw Laos XX Macao XZ Burma YA Afghanistan YB-YH Indonesia Yl Iraq YJ Vanuatu YK Syria YN Nicaragua YO Romania YS El Salvador YU Yugoslavia YV Venezuela YV® Avet Is Y2-Y9 German Dem.

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TN Congo TR Gabon TT Chad TU Ivory Coast YY Benin TZ Mali T2 Tuvalu T3g West Kiribati (Gilbert 8 Ocean Is.) T31 . because this tube is rated at a 15d B gain, only about 25 watts drive is required for full output. Missouri 64730 (816)679-3127 TOIL FRf E OROER NUMBER |800| 421-6631 For all states except California Calit residents please call collect on our regular numbers Telex: 67-3625 (Henradio) FAX (213) 826-7790 JAN 2 6 m K0MK-900 Six Bands in On© Mobil©# Interface Unit B controls the six band units and can be installed in your car's trunk. The contents of the International Callbook have been coded in order to detect improper usage. Please notify us promptly of any change in your address. Nelson, Publisher emeritus Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 65-31161 Becauseyou never know who’s listening. With Yaesu’s new FT-736R VHF/UHF base station, you can discover some of the best DX happening in ham radio. Crossband full duplex capa- bility is built into every FT-736R for satellite work. 8RA-8RZ Guyana 8SA-8SZ Sweden 8TA-8YZ India 8ZA-8ZZ Saudi Arabia 9BA-9DZ Iran 9EA-9FZ Ethiopia 9GA-9GZ Ghana 9HA-9HZ Malta 9IA-9JZ Zambia 9KA-9KZ Kuwait 9LA-9LZ Sierra Leone 9MA-9MZ Malaysia 9NA-9NZ Nepal 90A-9TZ Zaire 9UA-9UZ Burundi 9VA-9VZ Singapore 9WA-9WZ Malaysia 9XA-9XZ Rwanda 9YA-9ZZ Trinidad and Tobago A2A-A2Z Botswana A3A-A3Z Tonga A4A-A4Z Oman A5A-A5Z Bhutan A6A-A6Z United Arab Emirates A7A-A7Z Qatar A8A-A8Z Liberia A9A-A9Z Bahrain C2A-C2Z Nauru C3A-C3Z Andorra C4A-C4Z Cyprus C5A-C5Z The Gambia C6A-C6Z Bahamas C7A-C7Z World Meteorological Organization C8A-C9Z Mozambique D2A-D3Z Angola D4A-D4Z Cape Verde D5A-D5Z Liberia D6A-D6Z Comoros D7A-D9Z Squth Korea H2A-H2Z Cyprus H3A-H3Z Panama H4A-H4Z Solomon Is H6A-H7Z Nicaragua H8A-H9Z Panama J2A-J2Z Djibouti J3A-J3Z Grenada J4A-J4Z Greece J5A-J5Z Guinea Bissau J6A-J6Z St. Vincent and the Grenadines L2A-L9Z Argentina P2A-P2Z Papua New Guinea P3A-P3Z Cyprus P4A-P4Z Netherlands Antilles P5AT9Z Dem. of Korea (North) S2A-S3Z Bangladesh S6A-S6Z Singapore S7A-S7Z Seychelles S9A-S9Z Sao Tome & Principe T2A-T2Z Tuvalu T3A-T3Z Kiribati T4A-T4Z Cuba T5A-T5Z Somalia T6A-T6Z Afghanistan T7A-T7Z San Marino V2A-V2Z Antigua V3A-V3Z Belize V4A-V4Z St. 20O4-A UHF desk model We stock these plus many other fine names: AEA • ARCO • ARRL • ASTRON •B&K»B8W« BIRD • CDE • CONNECT- SYSTEMS • CUSHCRAFT • EIMAC • HAL • HUSTLER • HY-GAIN • ICOM • KENWOOD • LARSEN • NYE • TEMPO • VIBROPLEX • YAESU mm / 2050 S Bundy Dr.. A fiber optic cable runs from Interface A to Interface B. ili Of V/yi ICOM radius sgn.licantiy exceed FCC uxjulalirjra limiting spurious oin radio amateur llbook known the world over as the "CALLBOOK" RADIO AMATEURS of the WORLD VOLUME 66 Exclusive of North America, NUMBER 1 Hawaii, and the U. Possessions WINTER 1987 - 88 CONTENTS Directory 1-1493 Allocation of International Call Sign Series 4A Census of Amateur Radio Licenses in the U. A., by classes 12A Census of Amateur Radio Licenses throughout the World 13A Census of U. Amateurs by State and Zip Code 24A, 25A DX Operating Code 11A DXCC Countries List 10A International Postal Rates 16A On Good Phone Operating 15A Phonetic Alphabet 15A “Q" Signals 28A QSL Bureaus 26A, 27A QSL Managers (Included in the alphabetical listings) Radio Amateurs Operating with Reciprocal Licenses 1494 Radio Amateur Prefixes - by Country (40 Zone) 8A Radio Amateur Prefixes - by Prefix 6A Reciprocal Operating Agreements 29A Silent Keys (included in the alphabetical listings) Standard Time throughout the World 14A Telegraph Codes 20 A 10 Meter Beacons 1496 Then and Now Call Sign Changes (included in the alphabetical listings) Third Party Traffic 29A USSR Oblast List 1495 The Callbook Supplement Order Information 22A Published by RADIO AMATEUR CALLBOOK. We cannot accept any liability for errors, omissions, misspelled names, or incorrect addresses. And the satel- lite tracking function (normal and reverse modes) keeps you on target through a transponder. Store frequency, mode, PL frequency, and repeater shift in each of the 100 memories. Christopher and Nevis V8A-V8Z Brunei Y2A-Y9Z German Dem. Or in your Because the FT-757GX/II packs all its HF performance into one highly compact, action- ready case. International Postal Information World Wide QSL Bureaus USSR Oblast List Plus many other features 66th Anniversary Edition For Use Throughout 1988 # r : ANNOUNCING A NEW LINE OF SUPER STARS. HENRY RADIO’S PREflll ER SERIES HENRY RADIO S NEW PREMIER SERIES . fa The 3002-A Console — maximum legal power in a two meter block buster. Farts: (213)404 4847 Yaesu Cincinnati Service Center 9070 Gold Park Drive, Hamilton, OH 45011 (513) 87 Prices ami specifications iuijject'tu change without notice. Is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc., n Ti6R shown with 4A TABLE OF ALLOCATION OF INTERNATIONAL CALL SIGN SERIES As Issued by the International Telecommunications Union and Others AAA-ALZ United States of America AMA-AOZ Spain APA-ASZ Pakistan ATA-AWZ India AXA-AXZ Australia AYA-AZZ Argentina BAA-BZZ China CAA-CEZ Chile CFA-CKZ Canada CLA-CMZ Cuba CNA-CNZ Morocco COA-COZ Cuba CPA-CPZ Bolivia CQA-CUZ Portugal CVA-CXZ Uruguay CYA-CZZ Canada DAA-DRZ Fed, Rep. So no matter where you work the DX, take along Yaesu’s FT-757GX/II. ALL OF THE MATCHLESS QUALITY AND FEATURES OF THEIR PREDECESSORS PLUS QSK BREAK-IN KEY AND 160 METER BAND. Computer Aided TYans- ceiver (CAT) System for com- puter control via optional interface (software is available from your Yaesu dealer).

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