Dating sider i danmark Syddjurs

* There is a roughly 100% (4 kroner) tax on gasoline, the total price usually hovers between 9-11 DKK per litre. Be aware, though, that due to the current oil-crisis, the total price is now hovering between 11-12 DKK per litre.* In many counties you need to sort your waste in two separate "biological" and "burnable" containers.* The "Lake district" - between Silkeborg and Skanderborg is one of the country"s most beautiful areas.Get in Denmark is not only the the gateway to Scandinavia in cultural terms, but certainly also geographically, and as such the country is well connected with the rest of European continent and to Scandinavia.There is no other better place in the world where one can buy Lego bricks than at the Legoland theme park in Billund.These days the Danish Vikings have parked their ships in the garage, and put the helmets on the shelves, and along with the other Scandinavian nations, have forged a society that is often seen as a benchmark of civilization; with progressive social policies, a commitment to free speech so strong it put the country at odds with much of the world during the 2006 cartoon crisis, a liberal social-welfare system and, according to The Economist, one the most commercially competitive.* "Læsø" - Get away from it all in this remote island in Denmark"s "desert belt", ride through the sand dunes on horseback and see unique farmhouses with seaweed roofs.* "Møn" - Quaint and picturesque country side with viking burial mounds and the dramatic 128 meter white chalk cliffs of "Møns Klint".

Understand :"“My life is a lovely story, happy and full of incident.”" — Hans Christian Andersen History Terrain Denmark is home to the "lowest-highest" point in Europe; but what that exactly entails is somewhat uncertain.

* Cans and bottles have 1-3 kroner deposit, refundable everywhere that sells the given product.

* Many toilets have half and full flush buttons, now - you figure out when to use which.

20% of energy productions comes from renewable energy, mainly wind power, a feat mainly made possible by the common Nordic energy market and the massive hydro energy resources in Norway and Sweden, which can easily be regulated up and down to balance the unreliable wind production.

All these lofty green visions, does actually have a few tangible implications for travellers: * Plastic bags cost money; 1-5 kroner - non refundable, so bring a bag for shopping groceries.

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