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This current study is designed as a mortuary based study to identify from a national sample all cases of female homicides and child homicides.

We will follow up all of the identified cases with police to gain further information about the circumstances of the murder and the identity of the perpetrator.

The study is designed as a longitudinal follow-up study using qualitative semi-structured interviews with both sexually abused children and their adult care givers.

Screening tools will also be used with the children to assess psychological symptomatology.

Secondly, all were asked to complete a questionnaire that measured gender attitudes and attitudes and confidence at work.

This was done before training, immediately afterwards and three months later.

South Africa is known for its high levels of violence including homicides of men, women and children, and rampant gender based violence such as rape and intimate partner violence towards women.

However, we are unaware of the lifetime nature and forms of violence disabled women experience and the impact this has on their lives.

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We know that violence in South Africa is the second largest public health burden after HIV, and its impact is wide-ranging, including adverse physical, emotional, and sexual health implications, including HIV.

The curriculum is a 10 day training course plus two days of practicum.

The curriculum has been documented in a 250 page participants’ manual trainers and 200 page trainers’ manual both of which have been written in the past year.

The aim of the study is to describe the epidemiology of rape perpetration; factors associated with raping; to describe the associations between rape and HIV sero-status and risk behaviours.

In 2008 we implemented the data collection for the study, working in 222 census enumeration areas in three districts in the Eastern Cape and Kwa Zulu Natal (OR Tambo, Ugu and Ethekwini), where we sought to interview 4440 households. This survey includes a range of questions on aspects of men’s backgrounds, particularly their experiences in childhood, other violent and criminal practices and other aspects of men’s behaviour, such as caring and child rearing practices.

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