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Vijay Kumar as well for guiding me for the procedure. Sahny, 85 year old gentleman from Delhi, with multiple stents and a Pacemaker in the past, with the onset of chest pain and shortness of breath. Seeing him recovering now, our confidence in the skills and expertise of the doctors here has further renewed. Sardar Amrik Singh daughter view more “I really have no words to thank Dr. Now I can go back to my country without fear of the medical complications I could possibly have had. The doctors are highly professional, competent and fully devoted to the requirement of the patients. We place on record the services provided by Doctors and paramedical staff . My wife is a cardiac arrest survivor only because of Escorts that happens in about 1 % cases. I have seen her suffering and had almost lost hope that my wife and I will be able to spend more years watching her grow. Dr Goyal Rajasthan view more “Hope was very slim when we brought my dad to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. Fadhil Hamood view more “I have no words of gratitude for Dr. After 28 years, we experienced the joy of the birth of a baby in my family and it was a happiness that we almost lost. Iyer, he immediately started the corrective procedures on my baby. Nitesh since the time of admission till the completion of the procedure was excellent.... M Nangia view more Everything went very well with the procedure. Prem Saini view more I am very happy to have undergone the TAVR procedure at the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. He successfully underwent TAVR through Alternative Vascular Access Route (Subclavian Artery) in March 2013.

His current interests are perfecting complex neonatal cardiac surgery, cardiac surgery in malnourished infants and children, salvaging late presenters of congenital heart disease, and developing cost effective cardiac care for children in developing countries. First in India to successfully perform the Double Switch Operation in 1993 First in India to perform successful rapid Two Stage Arterial Switch operation in 1992 First in India to successfully repair Pentalogy of Cantrell in an infant in single stage. Rajashree Manjrekar, aged 63 yrs suffered from Aortic Stenosis, along with Liver Cirrhosis and Diabetes and was recommended TAVR by all the cardiologists we met in Mumbai. However, in beginning September, 2017 we came to know that the replaced aortic valve had de-generated and required replacement. Rajendra Mahendra view more I hope this email finds you well I am writing on my own behalf and on the behalf of my family, my parents especially. Betty Ngao view more The experience with fortis escorts for this particular procedure was great. On the day of procedure, they were in a constant touch to explain all the progress.

Neeraj Verma view more Fortis Escorts Heart Institute is the hospital where I got my aortic valve implantation done through TAVI procedure by the chairman Dr. Doctors and staff are very devoted and professional.... Basu Retired IRS view more Hi, I would like to share my opinion and experience with Fortis Escorts with all the viewers.

The heart team evaluated her and found to be in agreement with the choice of t... A TAVR in February 2012, made it possible to have her aortic valve replaced and today she says, “I... She was diagnosed with severe Aortic Stenosis in her country and was advised a valve replacement. I would like to thank those people who have supported and t... I wish them good luck for all of their future projects, may god bless them.

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