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While youi story changes, me facts remain the same, Unlike the rest of us, you seem to have forgotten the Important bits. "I'd like to reduce the thefts by catching whoever is doing it." He said he's looking into the costs of FUNFARQUHAR FACTS Everything you ever wanted to know about Sparky, but were afraid to ask POLicy A.' -v ••V* .

Can you not grasp the hard-edged reality of responsibility? "Because once [they're] publicized, the individual usually stops." But Neill doesn't agree.

"CUSAshouldhave sentout the memo as soon as the first few occurred, " he said.

90 Miala For Sale: Paid , 000asking0 or equiva- lent In cigarettes. call1-e00-555-JAIL Maple: you send shfvers up and down my ankles. that we are experiencing a number of serious thefts in the Unicentre Building." Boyd said he's irked by the length of time it took for Neill to circulate the memo.

Utllit(esandpar Kinfl Inc leases, 44 Bay swale r at Somerset 725-2023. Adding same-sex insurance to the coverage will mean no significant differ- ence in cost for students, said Wand.

MAY 30 AT THE DOWNSTAIRS CLUB: ■Straight no chaser," live as they'll ever be. Rates go up every year because of prescription drug coverage, she said.

Blue Cross provides CUSA with insurance for prescription drugs.

Boyd said he believes there are too many people with the master key.But Mutual of Omaha, the company CUSA currently has a contract with for accident insurance, refused to provide coverage for same-sex couples, so CUSA will switch to Seaboard Life for coverage in the fall."The insurance industry is still very conservative and some people are just saying 'no'," said Patrizia Wand, CUSA special projects officer. For spiritual advice, call Father Bob or Dale Cooper at 737-1 111. Swimming, running, and biking will be your top priorities as you train for the trlathalon. We're so pleased that she chose to be with us in this coming year. for weekly Lit/WL Contact Michael Simpson 788-6680 y s Weekly Newsmagazine Come write for ms jfore we write afconji you. Sperounes Production Manager Jessika Borsiczky Business Manager Michael Simpson NEWS Contributors Monique Beaudin National Affairs Contributors Romeo St. SPORTS Editor Brent Hurst Contibutors Craig Piche Trevor Banks Rick Sgabellone ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Editor Anil Prasad Contributors Dave Gregory Sandra Sperounes Alex Baldwin Rick Sgabellone Christina Talford OP/ED Editor Monique Beaudin Contributors Brian Biggar Dave Gregory VISUALS Photo Editor Assistant Contributors Graphics Andrew Carver Cover Photo Shawn Scallen Ean Sane Brian Given, Ph. David Tufts Oliver Bendza Carl Martin David Tufts Photo of "Life on the 18th Hole" by David Neel The Charlatan's photos are produced using the Carleton University Students' Association Photo Service PRODUCTION Contributors David Bartoif Alex Klaus "Stoned" Virus Janine Falcon CIRCULATION 4,000 Circulation The Proletariats ADVERTISING 788-3580 Advertising Manager ether Design MIA The Charlatan, Carleton University's weekly newsmagaz- ine. Jessika has studied layout and production in Switzerland and Japan, but maintains that her greatest learning experiences and challenges were right here at Carleton University, where she served as production assist- ant for the year 1990-91. c Carleton University's Weekly Newsmagazine Charlatan classifieds: with CUID .25 w/o CUID .00 (GST included) Come to Room 531 Unicentre, write Classifieds, The Charlatan Room 531 Unicentre, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6 or call788 6680 2 ■ The Charlatan ■ May 30, 1991 iatan May, 30, 1991 VOLUME 21 NUMBER 1 Editor- tn- Chief Sandra L.

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