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Around the time of the rebellion Sepphoris had a Roman theater - in later periods, bath-houses and mosaic floors depicting human figures.

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The Galilee was predominantly populated by Jews from the end of the 2nd century to the 4th century CE.

Umayyad rule was replaced by Abbasid rule, and Arab and Islamic dynasties continued to control the city, with a brief interlude during the Crusades, up until World War I.

Throughout this period of time, the city was known by the Semitic name Saffuriya.

It lies 286 m above sea level and overlooks the Beit Netofa Valley.

The site holds a rich and diverse historical and architectural legacy that includes Hellenistic, Jewish, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, Crusader, Arabic and Ottoman influences.

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    In 1925, their first daughter was born; in 1927, their second daughter was born; and in 1931, their only son was born. Meyer, and especially Bärbel Inhelder, who would become his major collaborator.