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What happened was that she had drawn the wrong word. Rather than flavoring them with vanilla or rum, I used a rich and fruity balsamic vinegar.

When the sand had all run to the bottom of the timer, Lizzie told us the word she was supposed to have drawn. d My offering is a rich, dark brownie starring bittersweet chocolate and two kinds of cocoa powder.

I don’t care about sports at all, so I’m not on all the teams or anything. Twenty years ago, I went on a weekend trip to the mountains of Virginia with a small group of dear girlfriends. Oh, and in case you are in need of a serving suggestion, they go really, really well with this week’s Ice Cream Tuesday, the Buttermilk Mascarpone Stracciatella with Balsamic Strawberry Conserve.

One evening, someone broke out the Pictionary game. Lizzie, who thank God is still one of my best friends despite the trauma, was on my team.

1~ Just finished transferring everything from my c70 to my 750d, I was able to mount three fans to the front of my case to help with airflow but I would still love it if Corsair would manufacture those front panels for us???

Here's my preview what Corsair should do with this case what should be done/fix: - power supply dust filter removable to the side not to back (many people have case near wall) - side panels easy access with laches like in 650D.

On the hardware part this includes preinstalled blocks like the Poseidon or Maximus Extreme, maybe make Poseidon a much bigger series, also offering mainboards for example.

On the cooling side i'd like to have ROG themed radiators, reservoirs, or even fittings with a small ROG logo on it. If people can configure their Dream Machine, they should be able to customize their cables as well.

@Corsair how about include second panel cover for front fans with mesh for users who need better airflow for GPU specially for SLI configurations, or selling as additional accesorium/part.

Beside, I’ll be too busy eating these brownies to be too broken up about it!

This brownie lives or dies by what Chef Eddy Van Damme (the very talented corporate chef at Dixie Crystals–I’m a huge fan of his) says.

They are one of the sponsors of the Food and Wine Conference that I’ll be attending in just a few weeks.

As a test of this, I am entering these brownies in the Dixie Crystals Brownie Dessert Contest sponsored by the fine folks at Dixie Crystals Sugar.

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