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Historical Background: ‘’ in the context of the above verse, is a word used to describe sects or movements whose official doctrine is different from what they really teach within their ranks.

Ismailis of the Musta’li branch are typical of this kind of system.

Modern times have been very interesting for all direct inheritors of this tradition, as for those who have been influenced by them.

Contact was re-established with their European brothers and co-operation could start again on a large scale.

When it replaced them, it left an important number of highly intelligent people frustrated to see a religion their desires could not accept, which had replaced what they had worked for and lived by.

Islam could not be destroyed from the outside, so they tried and corrupt it from the inside.

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As for those who want to progress in knowledge or hierarchy, the real content will progressively be disclosed to them.

Many cases of tampering in sacred books and in forging find their origin in philosophical ideas, but some ideas were too shocking for people to accept.

They had to go underground in order to survive in Europe.

Here we enter a spiritual jungle: the esoteric and occult modern world.

It is very much like a market where customers shop for their favourite brand of spirituality while gurus compete with one another in order to recruit and sometimes make alliances so as to survive or grow.

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