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ecclesia: Anyone who desires to study the Church becomes a student of ecclesiology, a word that looks like it has nothing to do with its subject matter.But it’s lifted right out of the Greek word the New Testament uses for Church: ecclesia.But there are at least ten Greek words every Christian should know: logos: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. But we must turn to the original language to really understand the full meaning. The Liddell-Scott Greek Lexicon includes all of the following in the definition: explanation, statement of theory, argument, rule, law, reason, inward debate of the soul, scientific knowledge.Whenever you say any word today that ends in –ology, this is where it came from.evangelion: The gospel writers are sometimes called evangelists.We too are called to be evangelists, something Pope Benedict reminded us. In the Greek, evangelion, means good message, according to Easton’s Bible Dictionary.The etymology of the word is also rich with implications.It is a combination of the prefix ek, meaning out, from, and to—and kaleo, to call.

In the New Testament, ecclesia took on a different, far broader meaning, referring to the following: the whole body of Christians, a group of believers, and the faithful gathered together in a particular city, according to Easton’s Bible Dictionary.It's just labels, labels, labels when you're European royalty.Her top is from the brand's Resort 2016 collection and we love the contrast of the thick leather trim against the Baroque print.Harry is thought to be on cordial terms with his former long-term ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, with whom he had his most recent relationship, and the presence of both Natalie and Astrid had onlookers wondering how the royal manages to stay on such good terms with his former flings.Yet the relationship didn't blossom further and she went on to marry Endemol executive Owain Walbyoff and the pair have a one-year-old baby boy, with the TV star recently announcing that she is expecting baby number two.

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