Sports camps for young adults

• Regardless of athletic ability or current experience in the sport, the camp aspires to help all athletes develop both core strength and fitness, as well as specific techniques and skills required for their chosen event/s.

• Our 2018 athletics camp hopes to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities boasting both indoor and outdoor tracks, as well as extensive throws and jumps areas.

• What’s more, participants will be able to experience training in the same facilities used by some of our GB athletes.

• Our professional coaches can help participants to progress in their preferred events, or can introduce new events and techniques to participants who would like to train or compete in more than one discipline.

Separated from their parents, many for the first time, campers of all ages begin to take on challenges that build their self-confidence and sense of independence.

Campers get to participate in swimming, nature studies and arts and crafts, canoeing, fishing, evening socials and sports and games.

Families enjoy peace of mind that their family member with a disability is having a good time with trained dedicated volunteers who are ready to help participants to try the activities of their choice.

If a participant requires help with personal care, their carers can often attend certain camps at a reduced rate.

Your child will then spend the rest of the day and evening as a regular member of the athletics camp.

The ideology of inclusion has resulted in increased opportunities for youth with disabilities to attend typical summer camps, while segregated recreational camp programs for otherwise healthy youth with disabilities have become fewer in number (Bullock, Mahon, & Welch, 1992).

Programs that have provided exemplary summer camp services solely for youth and adults with disabilities for over 25 years are moving toward models of inclusion, resulting in the closure of segregated camps. Disability Camps: Children, Teens & Adults with Disabilities.

Summer camp programs for youth with disabilities in North America represent three broad categories. Retrieved 2018-01-12, from https:// Direct Link: Disability Camps: Children, Teens & Adults with Disabilities - Information and reviews of disability camps and summer groups for adults teens and children with disabilities and physical and intellectual impairments.

Benefit from athletics coaching in the UK this summer from highly qualified coaches, including professional and ex-professional GB athletes!

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