Tweetdeck search not updating søger en kæreste Kalundborg

So I uninstalled Tweet Deck, deleted the install file, and started over.After downloading and re-installing, I received the exact same errors.Sent by John Editor: There are several options to avoid repetitive refresh keyboard presses!

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Discovery 3: Next the client will try the external discovery URLs: (some information has been modified) In the highlighted sections above, the client attempts to connect to the external URL for lyncdiscover and succeeds.Here’s what I experienced, what I tried, and what I eventually did as a reluctant solution.I installed the Tweet Deck desktop application and entered my username and password.If you wish to monitor the tweeting activity of Twitter users that have sent direct messages to your account or users that have mentioned your company’s products or services, it’s easy to put together a timeline that tracks the postings of these specific users.It is also easy to mute users or filter out specific phrases and other content that you don’t want to see, as well as track the information that you do want to see, providing you with a more complete level of control over your Twitter interactions.

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