Unisex shoes online

In the post on the Clarks Shoes Facebook page, Ms Moonie-Dalton wrote that the boys' shoes had been designed with 'running and climbing in mind'.

In contrast the girls' shoes 'are not comfortable and are not suited to outdoor activities in British weather'.

There are more styles available to girls than boys although the boys' range does not appear to include open tops, the article noted.

There are also a number of boys' shoes listed on the 'Girls School Shoe' page and in a statement Clarks said it has a 'gender neutral ethos' and that 'anyone can choose any style they would like'.

However Ms Moonie-Dalton said her daughter 'does not want to choose shoes from a section aggressively marketed at boys and clearly not intended for her'.

Dozens of parents wrote in support of Ms Moonie-Dalton's impassioned complaint.

This means we now have a wider range of closed-in styles, school boots and GORE-TEX® styles and these changes will continue in our Spring Summer 2018 range, which has been designed with an entirely unisex approach.As a large global company, it is not always possible to implement all the changes we want to make as quickly as we would like.However, we are looking to move as fast as we can to ensure this ethos is reflected throughout our brand.Clarks has announced that it is promoting a 'gender neutral ethos' in its footwear following 'customer feedback' - and has designed its SS18 range of shoes with an 'entirely unisex approach.'Although it has some styles aimed at boys and girls it is developing a range of gender neutral for the first time.The announcement on the footwear brand's website comes after it was embroiled in two sexist shoe rows in August.

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